2023 MeetBang Assessment: We tried it For several months to learn!

Online black for white dating site is meant to end up being exciting and fun. You get to encounter women you will find appealing, knowing absolutely at least some extent of shared interest. Without a doubt, this is certainly just correct when you are making use of a good internet dating application or website. In the case of your
overview though, i cannot say thatis the situation.

I do many of these ratings of varied dating sites if absolutely enough need for it on the web. In most cases, I’ll run through the exact same process to enable them to be assessed equally and of their merit.

Exactly how we evaluated MeetBang

Typically we’ll sign up for the site as a totally free member and permit situations stay for several days. I will not create my personal profile or engage with any individual on the internet site. Its a beneficial chance to see if it really is a fake site that may start spamming me with “interested women” — no genuine woman is going to message a blank profile, correct?


I’ll arranged my profile and make use of the site like a normal person for some time

, witnessing whether it’s possible to create a date.

Finally, I’ll switch-over to a compensated membership and make use of this site for the next a few few days in order to get a real feeling for how the site really works

and exactly how effortless truly to really meet up with folks traditional.

In this time I’ll contact about 50 ladies on the internet site observe what type of reaction I get. I’m wanting to protect as many times as I can or, in the case of a sketchy website, to see if the answers believe legit.

Here is the best way that you could legitimately observe beneficial a website or app is going to be for you


You should not pay attention to any product reviews which are not enrolling in the MADE version!

Today, when it comes to Meet Bang, I never had gotten the chance to perform any one of this. Let’s have a look at why.

MeetBang — A ‘Dating’ website as Terrible as Its title

Let us very first review the basic principles. In this MeetBang analysis, you need to understand about the site and exactly how it holds up to its rivals. For the graphic below, you’ll see that there surely is no competition.


Our team prices each web site objectively considering several hours of independent research, the characteristics each website supplies, and how it compares with other sites. The rankings are the viewpoint your editors and their considerable experience.

3 9.5
Quality of


The opinion of exactly how attractive the normal lady would be that functions this web site as well as how effortless they are to connect with versus websites.

3 9



Just how many everyone is using this web site to truly fulfill people in comparison to other sites.

2 9


Exactly how easy is this website to utilize and exactly how rapidly can a typical individual begin fulfilling individuals in comparison to other sites.

3 10
Privacy &


Performs this web site get correct safety measures to shield their people, their particular identification, as well as their information.

3 10



All of our viewpoint of how easily a typical individual should be able to achieve their dating targets with this particular site compared to other sites.

1 9


Will enough time and money invested applying this site repay for an average individual using the views and experience with the editors.

1 10

Our Referral

As you can tell, during our writeup on MeetBang we didn’t find some compound. We’re familiar with carrying out really detailed product reviews of top quality dating and hookup apps making use of the aim of really fulfilling females. Sometimes within ratings we encounter web sites in this way which make that impossible.

If you have a website like MeetBang.com that barely features as an authentic internet site, and appears mostly created to point one other sites, it will be very hard to really fulfill females utilizing it. based on the evaluation above, you are able to straight away inform that utilizing the best hookup application like
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features so much more to supply.

Dating is tough adequate without wasting your time and effort on an application that’s not even likely to provide you with any help.You should be utilizing a top-notch website which includes many people actually deploying it. Dudes get the best success when blending up online dating with meeting people in their particular day-to-day lives.

So if you’re thinking about utilizing MeetBang, reconsider that thought. You’re better off with a website like
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where you have a chance of talking-to genuine ladies and conference them.

Advantages and disadvantages

To summarize what MeetBang has actually choosing it within overview, here are some pros and cons of using the site.

  • You can easily right away tell that this isn’t really a website any reasonable person should really be making use of
  • Shady site
  • An extremely crass strategy
  • Redirects to fake webcam woman video clip chats

Initial feeling during the Meetbang.com analysis

This site generally is called MeetBang. MeetBang. The first effect was not fantastic before I would actually keyed in it into Chrome.

Still, these product reviews are merely beneficial easily keep an unbarred brain therefore I soldiered on. Subsequently, I was met with this specific:

That mixture of upper and lower instance text ought to be a crime! Also, that is right, i will get a fuckbuddy free of charge in less than one hour! True as that could be, it’s not going to take place on a website labeled as
Meet Bang

The kicker is unquestionably their particular call to action — “Fuck Tonight”. Elegant.

Mildly amused, I decided to tackle the overall game. We click that tempting blue option to find out if their own state was actually real. Spoiler alert: it was not. A lot more about that next.

The MeetBang signup wizard

Once I clicked that large, blue and oh-so-crass motion switch I was 90% particular this web site ended up being a tale. A moment later on this uncertainty ended up being confirmed.

It begins with a very recognized caution:

“Before we could show you a summary of ladies who have actually required sex in the last 2 hours. . .” Severely? Whom typed this? We digress.

The rest of the process is very similar to the things I saw whenever I
assessed InstaFuck
recently and this also was actually in the same manner odd. It can take you through several concerns that perhaps are designed to allow you to get thrilled for the fuckbuddy. These people were:

  • A number of these ladies are hopeless single moms and wives searching for some lighter moments. They are often your own next-door neighbor or somebody you know. Can you accept keep carefully the identification among these females secret?
  • These ladies have expected you to not leave in guys looking for official times or major connections. Do you really go along with this request?
  • Do you actually accept to practice secure gender when you’ve got gender with someone whom you meet on our very own site?
  • Are you currently no less than 25 years old? Females have actually requested we perhaps not allow people under 25 contact them caused by immature conduct by young adults before.

I decided I happened to be enrolling in some kind of secret gender community ala Eyes Wide close. Sadly however, that wasn’t possible both.

At long last, you are offered a few questions around your own sexual preferences. Age, body type, types of internet dating, etc. Remember that at any point through this process, the keys you mouse click tend to be unimportant. You are able to click “No” to all the associated with the concerns above and result doesn’t alter.

These poor women happened to be only requesting gender. Perform they deserve no defense against MeetBang?

There’s a sentence I never thought I would type as an expert blogger. . .

The storyline thickens

It’s been a great quest up to now, bit did I’m sure it actually was going to get more complicated.

Once you have selected precisely the style of ladies you want to have intercourse with minutes from now, you’re requested an email target. Create no mistake, you are going to get many junk e-mail from a host of fake internet dating sites very nearly straight away.

You click manage, hoping to enter a code but this is exactly Meet Bang. They’re absolutely nothing if you don’t unpredictable.

As an alternative, you are taken to a payment page in order to sign up for a compensated subscription. At first, I imagined this need to be a paid-only site. When I looked for a small, gray “maybe afterwards” connect like most of the web sites have actually, we observed the Address.

We aren’t in Kansas anymore. This can be an InstantHookups web page. What is actually frustrating is it deceit is very deliberate — the Address actually shows they may be covering the InstantHookups marketing. They may be wishing you believe this is just an essential step-in applying for MeetBang.

Entertainment converts to outrage on satisfy Bang

That’s where things move from ‘wow, this is so bad’ to shedding that bit more trust in mankind. The closer we viewed this site, the greater frustrated I became.

They can be hiding so much more than just the simple fact they’ve covertly taken you to another site.

They claim in big lettering that “Lifetime Memberships are 100percent FREE” in addition to credit card is for age verification. Should you decide browse the small print regarding the right though, they may be also about to signal you right up for several sketchy dating sites.

If you decide to blindly enter your own mastercard details and then click Get Free Access, you would certainly be becoming a member of the immediate following:

  • InstantHookups $49.95 every month
  • HookupCloud
    $39.95 each month
  • Milftastic
    $29.95 per month
  • TOTAL $119.85 monthly

This whole time you’re under the impression you’re just supplying get older verification for MeetBang’s cost-free membership. . .

Enraged but? You almost certainly haven’t also observed the icing on this subject tasty dessert. The pricing is created in text form from inside the conditions and terms. This really is to cut back the possibilities of you noticing the additional prices. If you notice figures and buck signs you are almost certainly going to take a closer look. Alternatively, all that you see instantly is actually a bunch of small book in lighting gray font.

Since we are obviously coping with the sort of individuals who would rip-off their very own grandmother, you can easily wager there’s no solution to cancel. Perform some world a favor, never ever actually check out any of the sites thereon list, they do not deserve the advertising profits.

I additionally noticed most spam from hijacked email addresses and domain names. Internet sites and e-mails that appear to be real but are holding more debateable junk. People blow.

But wait, there is more

After examining these pages over thoroughly, we observed I had two other tabs now open aswell. Someone to ComeWithDaddy and the some other for MeetBang.

The ComeWithDaddy loss merely reveals another registration page for you to register with. At this stage i recently sealed it and moved on — without doubt additionally it is cancer while offering alike barriers.

The MeetBang web page, however, had been much more fascinating.

To begin with, you’re met with the full display “live” broadcast from a sexcam model as she undresses and spreads on the bed. Extraordinary within this movie is limited window stating she’d like to exchange nude photos and requires if you want to accept.

Whether you click certainly or No, you’re then used through some questions. The exact same trash questions from early in the day in this article, just shown in a small screen today instead.

Again, regardless of what you answer these questions, you reach alike result. Now, that result is ending up on the sign-up page for all the genuine MeetBang. Just kidding, you’re taken up another fake dating internet site. ‘Xmeets’ this time around.

Same appearance, same garbage methods. This gives me to my personal final conclusion. . .

There isn’t any MeetBang

You got that right, the absolute cherry on the top right here is the undeniable fact that MeetBang is absolutely nothing significantly more than a sketchy gateway. There is absolutely no
dating website. You simply can’t produce a profile upon it, nor what are the ladies to view and you’re definitely not acquiring a night out together from it.

The sole reason for this site will be trick you into investing in three various other fake websites and junk e-mail you with e-mails. That’s it.

MeetBang Evaluation: FAQ

To cover things upwards, i will protect one particular frequently asked questions about MeetBang.com. Obviously the clear answer for each and every will probably be very short since. . . it isn’t an authentic dating internet site!

What exactly is MeetBang?

MeetBang is a sketchy portal website posing as an online dating site. The closer we seemed the more it absolutely was noticeable that is a straight-up dubious.

Any time you thoughtlessly enter your own credit card details to join up you’ll be paying $119.85 per month. For a few other sites, maybe not MeetBang. Chances are there defintely won’t be any way for you yourself to terminate those subscriptions possibly!

Which actually possesses Meet Bang?

Meet Bang is actually possessed by MeetBang, Inc.

How do I contact MeetBang.com?

You can easily get in touch with them at hello@meetbang.com.

Is actually MeetBang genuine?

No, not. MeetBang is far more of a portal site that leads to another site called Instant Hookups.

Is Satisfy Bang legitimate?

Absolutely not. Satisfy Bang is absolutely nothing a lot more than a facade wanting to fool you into enrolling in various other sketchy matchmaking internet sites.

Is MeetBang.com a fraud or artificial?

All chat of a MeetBang fraud are worth exploring. This site is extremely questionable for a lot of reasons.

Is MeetBang secure?

No, MeetBang actually a secure web site to use. Keep your distance.

What exactly are Meet Bang options?

If you’re looking for the best relationship app or internet site that’s better than satisfy Bang, we sealed a lot of these lately. Have a look at all of our
hookup apps review
for more info.

How exactly does MeetBang.com work?

In short, it doesn’t. MeetBang.com urges one make an account. But as soon as you perform, you’ll be rerouted to InstantHookups, another sketchy dating internet site.

Can there be a MeetBang app?

No, MeetBang doesn’t always have a software, though they accustomed.

How much cash does satisfy Bang price?

Since this isn’t an authentic dating site, there’s no cost associated. If you attempt to sign up for a compensated subscription for it however, you’re going to be tricked into registering for three others. In addition terrible

If you this, the monthly cost can be $119.85 monthly. Probably before you terminate your credit card.

How will you use MeetBang.com 100% free?

It’s not possible to make use of MeetBang.com anyway.

Can you send communications free of charge on MeetBang?

No, it’s not possible to deliver any messages making use of MeetBang since it is not an actual site.

How will you terminate your Meet Bang profile?

There is no membership for MeetBang. Any time you subscribe to a membership through MeetBang it really is for other sketchy matchmaking web sites.

Although we won’t be giving over credit card information to this business to test it first hand, I think if you sign-up you won’t be able to terminate.

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